In India, which organic farming is profitable?

 farming is regarded as a safer option. Chemicals are not used in this farming approach; instead, producers utilize only goods such as cow dung. However, no external inputs, including bio-fertilizers, are utilized in farming (this includes zero-budget farming, which is being encouraged by the Indian government).

Concerning Soil Health

Furthermore, the AI-NPOF experiment demonstrates that the approach is superior in terms of soil macro- and micronutrients, carbon, and rhizosphere microbiota. While mean carbon is highest in 91% of cropping systems, macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium are greater in 42% of cropping systems.

it  increases soil micronutrients like iron, manganese, zinc, and copper by 76%. Though the integrated strategy produced better outcomes than the inorganic approach in all situations, it suggests that using fewer chemicals produces better results in terms of sustainability factors. Other scientific research implies that  farming could help with both emissions reduction and carbon sequestration.

Why Is There a Need to Switch to Organic Farming 

5 Profitable Cash Crops for Small Organic Farms

 farms have a deceptive reputation for being expensive and high-maintenance. Many crops produce large revenues and cover their costs with a healthy profit margin. Continue reading to learn more! While the craze appears to be spreading across foods, and there is a growing market for all types of  fruits and vegetables, it has been found that specific food crops with medicinal, therapeutic, or aromatic properties enjoy increasing demand in the  foods market.



Which Organic Farming Profitable In India

Coffee, which is primarily cultivated in the Eastern, northeastern, and Southern areas , is one of the historically grown beverages  along with tea. It has made a big difference in the lives of many tribal people, as well as conventional farmers, by diversifying their sources of income.

Coffee not only has a strong domestic demand, but it is also one of the most profitable exported agricultural products, with tremendous demand worldwide. While a lower proportion of the Indian populace pays a premium for items, the proportion of spenders ready to allocate a significant percentage of their budget to organically grown coffee is relatively large in India’s export markets.

What Is The Best Way To Start An Organic Garden


While green cardamom is more commonly observed around the world, major cardamom (or black cardamom) producers are scarce and popular in the international arena. Nonetheless, both kinds have enormous value, particularly when grown organically. Sikkim, in particular, has capitalized on the enormous economic potential of cardamom cultivation.

To put things in perspective, it grows over 90% of Indian black cardamom, which used to trade for a pittance of Rs. 250 per kg in 2010, saw a massive price increase in 2016-17, crossing Rs. 1600 per kg. When it comes to black cardamom, it is projected to cost Rs. 2000 per kg in the current market.



Which Organic Farming Profitable In India

Did you know that the United States is a prominent export destination for root vegetables such as ginger and turmeric? With increased awareness of the health advantages of ginger and tastes all over the world accepting Asian veggies and spices, the international demand for such distinctive root vegetables, as well as their farms, has been steadily increasing.

Furthermore,  ginger is recognized to have numerous health benefits, ranging from anti-inflammatory to anti-bacterial characteristics. Ginger is a genuinely distinctive and sought-after organic food product. Ginger also makes a great dried food item, with prices ranging from Rs.200-400 per kg depending on whether it is traditionally or organically cultivated.


Turmeric, which is more well-known and recognized in its dried and powdered form, is another favorite organic farm root vegetable. turmeric is becoming increasingly popular as a component in herbal teas and medical potions, as well as hot meals, all over the world for its ability to cure and treat various wounds and disorders. Turmeric can range from Rs.100 per kg to Rs.500 per kg due to its huge export potential and versatility in both fresh and dried forms. Certified organic turmeric is popular for its health and cosmetic benefits.


Mandarin Orange (Hybrid/Indian Kinnow)

Mandarin orange is one of the most widely grown fruits  particularly in Sikkim, where it, like all other fruits and vegetables, is grown on farms. Kinnow is a close relative of the mandarin orange (a mandarin orange hybrid developed by the University of California) and is popular throughout and even internationally.