CSA consumer supported agriculture

CSA (consumer supported agriculture) is the way that binds both the producers and the consumers with a food system in which the consumer has endorsed certain farms. An alternative technique of food distribution in which the risk of farming should be shared by both producers and consumers high-quality consumer subscribes to the harvest, they will receive organic packages from the producer weekly. The packages include veggies,fruits milk, etc. This enhances the relationship between the consumer and harvesters by sending weekly gifts and inviting them to the farm for an update. This CSA program is usually seen in the USA, Canada. In India it’s is present in some parts of Delhi in Faridabad, Delhi NCR. Production of high-quality food is the main motive of CSAs by organic farming. What is CSA (consumer supported agriculture).

consumer supported agriculture

  CSA consumer supported agriculture In In this modern world, there is nothing in the pure form, not even the atmosphere. So how can a person trust the food that he is eating in his daily life? Through organic farming, we can assure the person the food which he consumes daily is made with organic fertilizers like  manure, slurry. In India, there are few places where organic farming stands like near Delhi NCR, Faridabad. CSA consumer supported agriculture

So the question arises how can we get the best crop? Only the use of organic fertilizers can make the crop the best one? There e are other factors also which makes the crop the best one or the worst one. The first factor is the soil. It should be a mixture of both positive and negative characteristics. But nowadays, the quality of soil is degrading day by day, the solution for this is the use of vermicompost in organic fertilizer which makes the soil suitable for farming. It enhances the soil by aeration, porosity, and water retention. In Faridabad and Delhi NCR, the vermicompost is used with the help of earthworms which turn the hummus into organic material. Earthworms which is used in vermicomposting is Eisenia Fetida earthworms and Lumbricus rubellis. These worms help to accelerate the composting process and improve the ultimate compost with nutrients and enzymes. With the help of the worms, organic vegetables and fruits can be achieved. Not only the food, but all of us also want the environment the surroundings should be promising. The plant nursery where the plants get nurtured for commercial, decorative, and plantation purposes. The exclusive purposes of plant nursing are too fresh plants into forestry, agriculture, and many others. CSA consumer supported agriculture

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Kavya Organic Farm: Eat healthy and Stay fresh

 CSA consumer supported agriculture Fresh organic vegetables and fruits are grown and conveyed house to house. CSA consumer supported agriculture This supports the local farm movement. The product which you get is in pure form, no artificial ripening products are being used. It is picked up, washed out, and delivered to your door within some week CSA consumer supported agriculture

Kavya organic farm will provide you weekly package to strengthen the producer and consumer relationship. CSA consumer supported agriculture The subscription is based on the purchase of cereals. Then they will deliver freshly products all year. CSA consumer supported agriculture

 consumer supported agriculture

Is CSA’s is the right choice for my family?

Who doesn’t like fresh, organic vegetables from the organic farm? The importance of organic things is known by everyone in this impure environment. Everyone who all are involved in the CSA’s program will get excited about the packages like they are receiving some sort of gifts like in festival.Some of the people thinks that they will get their favorite fruit and veggies from the CSA’s. CSA consumer supported agriculture Some are happy to know they are not using the harsh chemical to grow the vegetables. Some people are thinking about what new receipt they should make with the help of these very fresh organic vegetables. If all these things wonder you then a perfect CSA‘s member is ready to join. CSA consumer supported agriculture


  • The method which is being used is certified by OMRI(organic materials review institute).
  • Not using any GMO seeds because some people suffer from an allergy and it’s is not natural we made tin a scientific way.
  • The fresh product is given in your CSA’s box which harvests in the town. CSA consumer supported agriculture
  • The boxes are not customized because of what had been cultivated that have been given to the box.
  • Freshly produced is grown in kavya organic farm which pesticide-free and some other organic products are also delivered.

Advantages of CSA’s farming:

  • The food will be fresh which doesn’t contain pesticides or artificials

sweeteners in the fruits

  • The product will be more healthy
  • It is pocket friendly and saves time.
  • Encounter with a new taste of vegetables And fruits.
  • The person with the diet plan will be on the safe side.

Drawbacks of CSA’s:

  • There is the possibility of a bad crop.
  •  You will only get the vegetables that are harvested
  • Limited vegetables will be received .
  • Payment should be in the front.
  • Have to wash the vegetables and fruits once again.
  • There will no variety in veggies.
  • What you will harvest that crop only you will get.