Natural and Homemade Insecticides

Natural insecticides or homemade insecticides are the need of an hour. We don’t want to let insects destroy our crops and plants but also at the same time, we don’t want to destroy our environment. We all want that satisfy our present needs, without destroying the environment for our future generations. Let’s see some of the ways to do it. People might think that homemade insecticides are less effective than chemical insecticides. But that is not at all true. Homemade insecticides are as effective as any other insecticide and in fact more effective than artificial ones. It might take a little more time as compared to artificial insecticides but still, it is worth it.

Let’s see what are the differences between the different chemicals that we use in our gardens:

Pesticides: Chemicals or substances used to destroy insects, plant diseases, bacteria, fungus, slugs, and snails.

Insecticides: They come under pesticides only but as the name suggests, they are used exclusively to kill insects.

Herbicides: They are the chemicals used to destroy weeds. Specific herbicides can be made for specific kinds of species. And if proper knowledge is not there, the whole plant crop could be destroyed.

Also, I would want to say that if you don’t want to make insecticides at home, you can get organic one from the market as they are also made of natural products and are also helping us to save the environment. But organic products are quite expensive. So, to avoid the expense you can either handpick the insects from your plants and garden which is an effective method but also very time-consuming. Or you can just make homemade insecticides which will solve a lot of time and will be an effective method to save your crop.

Natural and Homemade insecticides

The following insecticides are the best and easy ones out of the many.

  1. DIY garden pesticide and pest deterrent | Homemade Insecticides
Top 8 Natural and Homemade Insecticides

This is very easy to make insecticide for fungus found in your garden and to keep your plants healthy and deter pests. You just have to mix baking soda with mild dish soap (preferably made from natural things) and water. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle and spray your plants on a regular basis to make sure that they are growing well and healthy and also bug-free. Also, this insecticide is safe for you and your pet too (if you own one).

2. Oil spray insecticide | Homemade Insecticides

This is a very simple to make, homemade insecticide. This is entirely natural and won’t harm your plants. This is a mixture of vegetable oil and mild soap that easily devastates the troubling insects (aphids, thrips, and mites).

To make this, use one cup of white mineral or vegetable oil and one tablespoon of soap. Pour the ingredients into a container and shake it well. But before applying it to the plants, make sure to dilute it. Use this homemade insecticide once a week on just the affected plants. This works by wrapping the insect’s body with oil and suffocating them by blocking their breathing holes.

3. Neem oil insecticide | Homemade Insecticides

Neem oil is extracted from the neem tree (also known as Azadirachta Indica). Neem is used as a raw product of many things like for the production of soap, wax, oil, and various cosmetic products.

The insecticide is made by using 2 tablespoons of pure, cold-pressed neem oil mixed with 1 tablespoon of liquid soap and 1 liter of water. Pour all the ingredients into a spray bottle and shake it well. This is a very effective method so using it just once or twice is enough to kill all the insects present on the plant or in the garden.

4. Garlic insecticide spray | Homemade Insecticides

Top 8 Natural and Homemade Insecticides

Garlic is very well known for its very bad aroma but what we all don’t know is that it is an excellent pest controller for all kinds of insects including ants, aphids, caterpillars, whiteflies, beetles, termites, borers, slugs, and armyworms.

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To prepare this insecticide, take 10-12 cloves of garlic, half cup vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon of liquid soap, and some water. Mix it thoroughly and let the mixture dilute overnight. After that strain, the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it all over the plants. Every time you have to make the mixture one night before. But as I said, it’s an excellent homemade insecticide so using it once is also enough to kill all the pests.

5. Chile pepper spray | Homemade Insecticides

Top 8 Natural and Homemade Insecticides

This spray is similar to garlic spray. It has a very strong smell and is very effective. It is an excellent homemade insect repellent spray that can be used for many different types of insects and pests. This spray can be made from fresh hot peppers or chile pepper powder.

To prepare this homemade insecticide, take one tablespoon chile powder, one-liter water, and some drops of mild soap. Mix it well in a spray bottle. This spray can be used on plants directly and one use is enough to kill all the pests and insects.

6. Tomato leaves | Homemade Insecticides

Top 8 Natural and Homemade Insecticides

This must be a shocking method for you but trust me it’s very effective. Tomato leaves contain glycoalkaloid Tomatine (Solanum Lycopersicum), a natural alkaloid with insecticidal, antimicrobial, and fungicidal properties. To use this method, chop few leaves of tomato and fill that in a spray bottle. Add two cups of water to that bottle and let it dilute overnight. After that spray the mixture directly on the plants to get rid of mites and aphids.


7. Alcohol | Homemade Insecticides

Top 8 Natural and Homemade Insecticides

Alcohol can be used to kill insects like mealy bugs, aphids, or thrips. Alcohol efficiently dehydrates the insects and therefore kills them. Alcohol can directly be rubbed on the pests to kill them but alcohol can also destroy the plant tissues so you have to be careful. Or you can just dilute the alcohol by adding one cup of alcohol with one-liter of water.

8. Diatomaceous Earth | Homemade Insecticides

Top 8 Natural and Homemade Insecticides

This natural is in fact a sedimentary rock made from diatoms (fossilized algae). Diatomaceous earth has many uses in our home so it is easily available. You can use it by sprinkling it all over your plant or the garden. Because of its heavy surface and abrasive qualities, it dehydrates insects and bugs to death.