What we should expect from the organic fertilizers:

Benefits of organic fertilizers.

Organic fertilizer:-

Fertilizers are an  important segment of farming that helps the crop to grow affluent. While everyone uses synthetic fertilizers that harm the organic crop massively. But by using organic fertilizers the crop will not get disturbed. When the revolution of organic farming has not begun, the usage of synthetic fertilizer is on the top of the hill. But slowly people realized that the use of synthetic can damage the quality of the harvest and make it poor. For arousing, healthy fruits and vegetables the use of organic fertilizer is best.

Ingredients that used in organic fertilizer:

The three main ingredients used in organic fertilizer prevail are

organic fertilizer

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium.

These nutrients help the fertilizers to accumulate the production of the crop abundantly. While using organic fertilizer against manure, organic fertilizer guarantees that the weed shouldn’t be present be in the crop. In manure, the weed and pathogens are present. It can be transferred the crop. Some excrement is not allowed to use in organic farming. In some manure, there is a possibility of the presence of heavy metal, a small number of pesticides. There are some aspects that some manure is composed of substantial nutrients such as nitrogen. If this nutrient is not mixed with plant remains or poorer manure, then it will not compost.

In synthetic fertilizers, the conclusions are more conspicuous for both the crop and environment for the long and short term. Inorganic fertilizers can produce the nutrients promptly to the crop within a short period but it has disadvantages as well.

Synthetic fertilizers do  alter the soil quality:

When we use synthetic fertilizers in a large abundance, the chance of contamination of natural water such as groundwater. There will be a proliferation of toxic salts. The only advantage of synthetic fertilizers are to provide sufficient nutrients. In organic fertilizer, the process of vermicomposting is used. For enhancing that process, worms are used, like  Eisenia Fetida. The main disadvantages of the chemical fertilizers is that is killing the useful microorganism that helps in the farming.

In organic fertilizer, microorganisms degrade themselves to become water-soluble from which the plants can take benefit. Another benefit of organic fertilizer is that the activity of bacteria and fungi increase in the soil. Organic fertilizers help the soil to strengthen the quality of soil. Boost the soil quality and fertility, help to conserve the soil nutrients. It’s another the benefit is to improve the absorption strategy of water in the soil.

Organic fertilizers are solely certified and official:

Outgrowths of organic fertilizers can be found over time, After each growth of harvest of the production. In India, organic farm which is situated in Delhi NCR, Faridabad provides you with certified organic crops which will be healthy.

Organic fertilizers : Multisei and Seivital

organic fertilizer


This type of organic fertilizers are available in solid and liquid types. This helps them to regenerate the soil quality and helps the soil to nurture, enrich the nutrient and microbial activity. These fertilizers also help in the construction of soil entireties which improve the soil fertility that enhances farming and prevents waterlogging and the air will smoothly pass-through the root. In this, they also produce a variety of vegetables with at most purity and prevent clogged irrigation systems.


These are the solid fertilizers, which include pellets get easily dissemination on the soil uniformly. These fertilizers immediately work within some minutes and completely dissolves within some hours for which it accomplishes great yield. This fertilizer should be organic, should be free from pathogens. There should not be the presence of any antibiotics and weed seeds.  These fertilizers should be free from harmful bacteria like Salmonella, Enterobacter. When we used fertilizers continuously, this will help in disturbed soil erosion, help in the better air circulation of the air in the roots, and allows better storage of rainwater or groundwater.

These fertilizers are the important factors because it is the response of the crops in nutritional terms. It includes many growth stages as it mixes with mineral nutrition to the soil.

In organic agriculture, the use of synthetic fertilizers is prohibited. But the organic fertilizers help the crop in many ways. So its is the choice of the farmers what is used in the farming, whether it should be organic or inorganic.