Red Dragon Fruit vs White Dragon Fruit: How to Know the Difference

Let’s discuss some ways by which you can distinguish between the red dragon fruit v white dragon fruit some of which are –

How to distinguish shape and taste – Red vs white dragon fruit.

Even though the appearance is a bit similar, we can wholely differentiate red versus white dragon fruit in the aspect of shape and taste. The shape of the fruit Red dragon fruit’s ears are curved with regard to the fruit stalk, red comprises the majority.

The Red dragon fruit (also referred to as Hylocereus polyrhizus or Strawberry pear) could be a fruit that grows on long cactuses and that they square measure typically being seen growing up trees, fences or perhaps walls. Itonly comes from tropical countries like geographical area, Florida, the Caribbean, etc. Red dragon fruit is completely different with traditional Dragon fruit and Yellow dragon fruit due to its distinctive Red flesh.

Whereas, the white flesh dragon fruit has long ears, an elliptical shape and is generally green. While cutting dragon fruit, we can easily identify the difference. Red flesh dragon fruit has red, dark flesh in it, slowly turning a dark purple. In white flesh dragon fruit, the flesh is white and the seeds are eminent.

White dragon fruit is the most typical. On the within, white dragon fruit appearance nearly the image of the yellow selection having white flesh that’s adorned with little edible black seeds that add a small amount of crunch and texture, almost like a kiwi. The flavour is delicate, sweet, refreshing and almost like a combination of pear and kiwi.

Red Dragon Fruit vs White Dragon Fruit: How to Know the Difference


The taste of red versus white dragon fruit is different. Red dragon fruit is sweet in taste with about 15 per cent of sugar.

Dragon fruit flesh is also sweet in taste but less than that of the red dragon fruit with about 10 per cent.

Red Dragon Fruit vs White Dragon Fruit: How to Know the Difference

  1. Compare the difference between red vs white dragon fruit.
                Features      White dragon fruit          Red dragon fruit.
                 Colour     Red shell, white flesh           Red shell , red flesh
                 Structure       Elliptical, long , and  pointed scales The fruit is round , scales are curved
                 Odour             Sweet  Most of the time it taste  Sweeter than the white dragon fruit.
          Sugar content     It contains sugar which is about 10 % It contains sugar which is about 15%


  1. Certainty about red dragon fruit.

Red dragon fruit is be a plant adult chiefly for its fruit and is additionally the name of many genera of the Cactaceae. Dragon fruit is also  a native plant in North American nation, Central Yankee, and South Yankee countries.

You will also get to see these plants in the countries like Southeast Asia like Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia; southern China, Taiwan and a few alternative areas.

Dragon fruit has three standard varieties supported colour, which are:

Red dragon fruit with white flesh Which, red vs white dragon fruit area red dragon fruit with red flesh Yellow dragon fruit with white flesh Unit the 2 most well-liked varieties.

Red Dragon Fruit vs White Dragon Fruit: How to Know the Difference

  1. Difference between red vs white dragon fruit tastes?

Dragon fruit incorporates rejuvenating  is sweetness and delineate as a mixture of the flavour’s of a kiwi and a pear. It will be accustomed method several delicious drinks and dishes like dragon fruit smoothie, dragon beverage, dragon fruit tea, dragon fruit cake, dragon fruit jam.

  1. Nutritional things which red dragon have.

Red Dragon concerning fruit contains calories/fruit, sixty wealthy in vitamins C, B1, B2 and B3, beside minerals like iron, atomic number 20 and phosphorus. 100g of fruit can offer concerning twenty one mg of ascorbic acid, resembling thirty fourth of the daily price of ascorbic acid.

A small comparison shows that dragon fruit contains but [*fr1] the number of ascorbic acid found in associate orange, however quite bigger they are approximately three times larger than carrots.

  1. Health advantage of red dragon fruit.

Thanks to its high nutritionary content, red dragon fruit offers several health benefits: Good management of glucose Lower steroid alcohol Provides fat and macromolecule for The body Rich in antioxidants, sensible for Skin Prevent inflammatory disease Improve heart health.

In addition to red dragon fruit, there’s additionally a yellow dragon fruit. The style could be a very little sweeter than the 2 higher than and also the fruit contains a nice golden Colour.

Ways to eat dragon fruit Eaten directly, additional delicious once chilled. Used as material, flavouring for cakes and items of bread.

Used To Flavor Drinks, sodas ,Cocktails. Can be eaten with vegetable salads. Combine with some ingredients to create jelly and jam.

Can be accustomed ferment to Create wine or juice. Things to concentrate to Uptake dragon fruit: People with symptom mustn’t eat Dragon fruit.

Women mustn’t eat dragon fruit Throughout their oscillation. People with depression, Stasis, And Blood Phlegm ought to additionally not eat loads of dragon Fruit.

Dragon fruit contains loads of vegetable macromolecule, pregnant ladies area unit susceptible allergies, ought to take into account it before uptake.

Red Dragon Fruit vs White Dragon Fruit: How to Know the Difference

You could keep in mind a number of the variety’s characteristics. As an example, Sugar Dragon S8 typically produces terribly tiny thin-skin fruits with red within. The Thai Yellow has yellow skin with white flesh. Some others like yank Beauty have terribly giant fruits (over a pound) with pink/purple within. That the factor is, the additional you play with the dragon fruit varieties, the additional you may acknowledge and keep in mind their outside physical qualities, and conjointly the within colours.

There could also be another completely different characteristics we have not mentioned just like the ‘twistiness’ or straightness of the branch, the round/oblong form of the fruit, the thickness/thinness the skin, the protecting coat on the branches, etc.

But please bear in mind these square measure temporary points & not set-in stone definitions.

Red vs white dragon fruit are nutrient fruits, excellent for atmospheric conditions afters on days. Additionally, dragon fruit also can be processed into jams, syrups, frozen dessert or smoothies,… strive it Now!