Organic milk Benefits

Organic milk basically means milk and milk products reared from livestock that is raised in an organic manner. By organic manner I mean that livestock should be allowed to graze in open, they should be fed organically certified fodder and not be given any drugs (including the growth hormone one). Organic milk Benefits

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How organic milk is produced?

If we want to classify organic milk, there are three conditions. First, it must come from animals (such as cows) that are not treated by antibiotics. Second, the animals must not be given any kind of additional drug hormones for either growth or reproduction. And thirdly, the animals should receive at least 30% of the total diet as pasture. 30% here means 120 days out of one year. Organic milk Benefits

Before buying anything on the name of organic milk, you should research the fact that from which dairy the milk is coming from and how cows are raised there. In some dairies, cows are raised but not in an efficient method. They are not provided enough space to graze, no proper fodder, and non-organic good. But at the same time, there are dairies and farms that take care of their cows, feed them properly and in a natural manner, grow organic grass for their cattle. The cows in such dairies and farms are naturally healthy and do produce organic milk. Organic milk Benefits

Organic milk can be a little expensive than regular milk because taking care of animals in a natural way is an expensive task. Whereas to produce regular milk, cattle are given chemicals and drugs so that they produce more milk but that milk is neither healthy nor nutritious as compared to Organic milk Benefits.

Temperature also affects the production of milk and the health of the cattle. In temperate climate or high temperature, cows receive much more pasture time than the standard 30% pasture time. According to the research, cows that are able to graze well produce very nutritious milk as compared to other cows. Organic milk Benefits

Now let’s see the difference between organic milk and regular milk and then at last we will see all the benefits of consuming organic milk.

Organic milk Benefits

Organic milk Vs. Regular milk

Organic milk

Regular milk

It is the milk that is produced from cattle that only eat natural products or organic grass and are not treated by any chemicals or not given any fertilizers. Milk is produced from cattle that feed on chemical or fertilizer treated grass.
The cattle producing organic milk are not given any drugs or antibodies in order to increase their hormonal activities and produce more milk. The cattle producing regular milk are regularly treated by vaccinations or hormonal drugs to make them produce more milk and also to help in reproduction.
Cattle are given a natural environment to graze and are left to pasture in a natural manner. Cattles are hand-fed. They are not allowed to roam freely in the natural environment.
Quite expensive as it takes a lot of time and effort to take care of cattle so that it produces healthy organic milk. Much cheaper than organic milk as it is produced in bulk.
Organic milk is quite richer and creamier in taste. Less rich and creamier in taste.
Longer shelf life than regular milk. Doesn’t get destroyed easily. Can be kept for a longer time. Lower shelf life than organic milk.
More nutritious and healthy and safe to consume as compared to regular milk. Less nutritious and healthy and safe to consume as compared to organic milk.

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Benefits of Organic milk

There are innumerable benefits of organic milk. Organic milk is any day more healthy and nutritious than regular milk. There is a lot of research on organic milk and its’ nutritional value. And the results were very positive and that is why there is a sudden rise in demand for organic milk. People are getting aware and are more worried about their health. So they prefer to consume organic milk which is a little more expensive than regular milk but much more nutritious.

Some of the health benefits of organic milk are:

  • Provide more omega 3: Omega 3 is a very essential fatty acid found in milk which is required for healthy growth. That is why it is said milk should be necessarily present in growing children’s diets. But lack of omega 3 in regular (non-organic) milk has resulted in an increase in diseases in the past few years. Regular intake of omega 3 is very important as it may protect you from various diseases like heart disease, inflammation (in skin diseases like eczema), cancer, and arthritis. Organic milk Benefits

Research at the University of Aberdeen proved that organic milk contains 71% more omega 3 than conventional milk. Furthermore, organic milk has more concentration of omega 6 also as compared to conventional milk. Organic milk Benefits

  • Contains more Conjugated Linoleic Acid: Conjugated Linoleic Acid helps to increase the body’s metabolic rate, immunity to diseases, and muscle growth. It also helps in reducing abdominal fat, cholesterol, and allergic reactions. Our body cannot produce this substance at all and most of our CLA intake happens through the milk and milk products that we consume. Organic milk Benefits

As a surprising fact, cows grazed on pastures produce 500 % more CLA as compared to cows that are fodder fed.

Also, some animal studies, proved that CLA may be beneficial in cancer treatment. And this is a very good call to prefer organic milk over regular milk.

  • No chemical contamination: Organic milk is produced from cattle that grazed on organic farms where no chemical or artificial product was involved. So therefore organic milk is not contaminated with any harmful substances like pesticides, fertilizers, and hormones. Organic milk Benefits

Also, organic milk is very nutrition-rich and does not contain any traces of antibiotics, feed, urea, or any fertility hormones as these are not fed to cattle to interfere with their natural process. Organic milk Benefits

Also by consuming organic milk, you make sure that the environment is not at all harmed and also you are consuming healthy and nutritious milk.

  • Possibly more antioxidants: Organic milk is known to have two or three times more concentrations of antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin as compared to non-organic milk. Lutein is very important and essential for our eye health and is effective in preventing many eye diseases.

Zeaxanthin is also important for our eyes only. It protects our eyes from UV rays and the impact of free radicals. Organic milk Benefits

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