Organic Farming Business Plan

Organic farming is a way to cultivate plants and rear animals in a natural way without using any chemicals or harmful substances. Organic Farming Business Plan It is considered the best way of farming as the crops and food products reared from it are pure and therefore healthy and nutritious. The organic farming business is a booming business all over the world. It assures great revenue and is very economically sustainable. This is a business that will never wear out; it will just grow with time. Organic Farming Business Plan

Organic Farming Business Plan

// Different organic farming methods

Fertilizers: It is very important as most people use harmful substances as fertilizers to make the crop look as good as possible and to have a good yield but in the case of organic farming, you have to be extra careful while using fertilizers. Make sure they are made from natural products and also before putting them into ponds or soil; you have to know that what quantity is needed or else that fertilizer might prove to be harmful to the crops or animals. Organic Farming Business Plan

Crop diversity: This is the most used method in organic farming as it helps to have better crop yield, reduce weeds, diseases and pests naturally.

Soil management: Once a crop is cultivated, the soil loses its nutrients and the quality of soil depletes. Organic farming promotes the use of natural methods to renew the quality of the soil. Soil management focuses on the use of natural products like the use of bacteria from animal waste to regain soil fertility in a natural manner. Organic Farming Business Plan

Pest control: Using organic pesticides is very important as it doesn’t let soil lose its fertility and also is beneficial in many other ways. Organic pesticides are derived from living organisms so that’s why they contain living organisms that are used to control caterpillars’ pests or plant derivatives. In fact, mineral bases pesticides such as sulfur and copper can also be used without hurting the environment. Organic Farming Business Plan

Crop rotation: The same crop is not grown on the same land every year in organic farming. As different plants give different nutrients to the soil making it regain its fertility and also propagation of weeds and pests are also immensely reduced. Organic Farming Business Plan

Mulching: It is a process of covering the upper layer of soil with leftovers containers or plastic to reduce the growth of weeds.

Importance of Organic farming

  • It keeps the environment healthy by many factors including reduced pollution.
  • It reduces the chances of humans and animals getting hurt by residue of farming.
  • Large amount of healthy food crop is produced.
  • Cost of agricultural production is reduced while keeping the soil healthy.
  • It helps to conserve our nature so that it can be used by our future generations.
  • It saves a lot of energy of animals and machine by effective planning also the chances of crop failure is minimized.
  • It increases soil’s physical properties such as granulation, good tilth, good aeration, holding power of soil and decreases soil erosion.
  • It also increases soil’s chemical properties such as supply and retention of soil nutrients and also organic farming reduces the loss of nutrients into water bodies and environment by promoting favourable chemical reactions.

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Organic Farming Business Plan

Business Plan for Organic farming

Choosing a site

Choosing a site is one of the most important tasks while planning to have a great result in your organic farming. You should choose a site which is convenient for your farming. Like you should choose a farm or field near a water source as this is a non-negotiable need to have a good production of crops and healthy crops. Also, it will be great if your farming place is near a market as it will increase the chance of selling your crops at your convenience without making extra efforts. Organic Farming Business Plan

Overview of the organic farming industry

As we know that organic farming means not using any artificial chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. So, you have to make sure that whatever crop you want to grow doesn’t need any of this. Mainly organic farming includes growing organic fruit, vegetables, grains, and some other crops, and also livestock. Organic farming also includes producing beef, fruits, vegetables, and poultry. All these farm products should be free of chemicals. Organic farming has been the best performing industry over the last 5 years and the need for organic farming is just increasing worldwide. Organic Farming Business Plan

Opportunities in organic farming business plan

Under organic farming there are many categories, you can choose any according to your convenience and income you want to gain.

If you are a wealthy person and not so worried to have a steady income from farming then you should choose growing organic vegetables and fruits as the production of these crops is either a great success or a failure. This is because fruits and vegetables get spoiled easily. Your one wrong move or climatic conditions can easily destroy the whole production but if it’s successful, it gets sold out in no time. As in the present time, people would pay any amount to have pure and natural food. Organic Farming Business Plan

Also other than this organic medicine is also a great option. As not only organic food is beneficial but organic medicines are also a great market.

Organic farming these days is a very newly emerging concept and is having great success and increases the profit highly. The requirement for organic products is much more than the supply, so even if your price is higher than usual, the chances are that your product will be sold out. Organic Farming Business Plan

Organic farming market analysis

The most common market trend in organic farming is that farmers and businessmen investing their time and money on organic farming are not only concentrating on food crops but also on organic livestock farming. Organic Farming Business Plan

The crop which should be grown also depends on the need of the market. Whatever crop is needed in the market and can be sold out easily are preferred by farmers as the main objective of farmers is to provide healthy food to consumers and earn a great revenue to grow the crops again as it’s not cheap to grow the crops in a completely natural way. It consumes more time. Organic Farming Business Plan

Characteristics of the organic farming business

  • Crops should be nutritious and pure with no chemicals or artificial stuff present.
  • Recycling of organic materials and biological nitrogen fixation should be kept in mind.
  • Environment should not be disturbed by any harmful residues of farming, neither by soil nor by water.
  • Natural habitat of animals and humans should not be disturbed and animal life should be protected. Organic Farming Business Plan