Knowledge about organic food and why its better than inorganic food

In today’s world where everyone is very conscious about their health. The purity of vegetables and fruits is getting decreased day by day. For consuming pure food people are paying a high price. Organic food is considered to be healthy and chemical-free. As organic food is safe and tasty than chemical food. It is considered environmentally friendly. In this article, we will compare organic and inorganic food based on nutrients, taste, and what effects it shows on human health.

Organic food:

Organic food is considered to be pure and is made without any help from chemicals and genetically modified organisms. Organic food is considered to be organic when it is chemical-free. No use of hormones or any antibiotic to grow the crop. Chemicals are which affect the crop are artificial sweeteners, monosodium glutamate. Soil quality gets improved by using manure or we can say chemical-free organic fertilizer. It also improves the quality of groundwater and makes the environment chemical-free and safe. People buy organic fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy. Also, breakfast cereals are made for easy breakfast.

Contains more nutrients:

Organic Food

Comparison of organic food and inorganic food quality cannot be measured because one is made with only natural ingredients and another one is made with artificial and synthetic chemicals. In organic food, the nutrients are more as compared to inorganic food.  Organic foods are more nutritious than inorganic food.

Contain more antioxidants and vitamins:

Organic food contains more amount of antioxidants and contains more amount of vitamin C.  Also contains iron. In studies, we have found that organic berries contains 58% of antioxidant and born contain 52% of antioxidant. When we changed our daily routine of regular fruits with organic ones, it can add more antioxidants to our food. Organic plants produced natural protective factors called antioxidants. They don’t depend on chemical pesticides to produce protective solvents. Organic farm in India ate therein DELHI NCR, Faridabad. In organic farm, there will be also a small plant nursery, in which small plants are nurtured and taken care of. Varieties of seeds are available without any use of GMOs.

Doesn’t contain any harmful lipid substances:

Organic dairy products contain more amount of omega-3 fatty acids, higher amounts of iron and vitamins. Organic milk doesn’t contain any type of artificial sweetener or any type of chemical or coloring agent which can affect the health of the consumer. Doesn’t contain selenium and iodine. Consuming organic food can reduce heart disease

Can be resistant to bacteria and chemicals:

Organic food can be resistant to bacteria and chemicals because it is grown on organic soil which vermicompost process is used in which worms like EISENIA FETIDA  help the soil to grow like natural form and maintain its fertility. As it is grown in organic soil, it will be chemical-free and pesticides free. Studies have been found that cadmium has in found in 65% of inorganic food which increases life risk. Washing and sanitizing don’t remove the total cadmium amount from the organic fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of consuming organic foods:

  • Increases immunity power in the body
  • Provides you with a variety of tastes of fruits and vegetables.
  • Keep your body diseases free and decreases the level of health problem.
  • Saving water resources.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Affects fewer animals because it’s a cruel-free product.
  • Increases the fertility of the soil.

How to know that it’s organic:

Organic Food

When we buy something and it’s called organic, it will be certified by the government. If there will be 70% or less organic compound that product will not be considered as organic food. The government has to approve the organic farm to produce organic fruits and vegetables. In India organic farm is situated in Delhi NCR, Faridabad. The government will the organic farm in many ways like its soil quality, products used to grow the crops, Avoiding the GMO’s


Organic foods are eco-friendly and antioxidants and nutrients are available abundantly. Consuming them can reduce susceptibility to chemicals and artificial fertilizers. It is your choice to choose wisely between organic and inorganic food. Health should be first priority and we should think about it.