How to make Vermicompost at home Easily?

In organic agriculture, everything that is used shouldn’t have any side effects on crops or human health. In organic farming, the process of vermicomposting is used widely in India. It is the process that makes the soil more fertile with the help of organisms like Eisenia Fetida. It is a great method that doesn’t have any negative impacts on the environment. It doesn’t have to do in a larger space, in less space, it can be operated. Building a worm compartment and throwing all the food waste into the bin makes soil fertility better. Various benefits are there in vermicomposting procedure than synthetic fertilizers. It provides nutrition to the soil. This vermicomposting process are used in the FARIDABAD and DELHI NCR organic farm. The organic fruits and vegetables that we get are fresh and aromatic. Make Vermicompost at Home

make Vermicompost at home

// Methods to make vermicompost


 Step 1: Set up a worm bin in the home.

When we set up a worm bin in the home, we should keep in mind that it should away from the living area. The worm container doesn’t  smell is bad. But it is necessary to keep the worm bin away from the living area. It should be kept in an isolated place like on the balcony.  The waste food or kitchen garbage can be thrown into the worm bin to make the soil better. Make Vermicompost at Home

Step 2: Buying a container for the vermicomposting process.

When we buy a container it should be opaque so that liget could not be passed into it. The containers will be available in the gardening store or the organic store. Make Vermicompost at Home

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Step 3: The container should have holes:

The container which is used for vermicomposting should have holes for air passing. If the container is hand-made, then we have to make a hole of 1/2inch holes in the container. Around 10-20/holes should make in the container. Make Vermicompost at Home

Step 4: Plastic should be placed under the bin:

Wooden blocks are kept under the container to keep it steady. Plastic is laid out in the ground and the wooden blocks are kept on it. The plastic is placed because there should not be any dirt placed everywhere. This set up should be placed where the worm bin has been set up

Step:5 Worms must be bought online or from a local store:

The most important task is to bring the worms from the local store or the online mart. We must keep in mind the worms we should pay for are soil friendly. Worms like Eisenia Fetida should we pay for. Make Vermicompost at Home

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Step 1: Newspaper should be cut or cardboard should be chopped for bedding:

Moisture is needed in bedding for which cardboard or newspaper is the best choice. Newspaper and cardboard are stripped to fill up the worm bin.

Step 2: bedding is moistened:

Moisture is needed for the worm to breathe. So water should be added we’ll before the worm is added to it. We should make sure that before we put the worms the bedding should be well moisturized. Make Vermicompost at Home

Step 3: Bedding should into the container:

We have to wait till the water gets soaked properly into the container. The bedding should be 8inches bottom, with sufficient area should be provided for the worm to sit.

Step 4: Some soil is put in the bedding:

 The worm lives in the soil more comfortably. The soil is spread properly in the container. We should take some residue-free soil and we should keep in mind that the soil must be chemical-free. The soil must be brought from the garden store.

Step 5 waste food should be placed by layer.

All the waste from the kitchen like peels of vegetables, fruits. It will provide nutrient to the soil.  The best food waste is kitchen waste as it doesn’t contains any harmful chemicals or pesticides. For example tea bags, coffee peels. Make Vermicompost at Home

Step:6 The container lid should be closed for 2weeks:

The bin should be closed properly for 10-14 days. Sunlight shouldn’t be passed through the bin. Make Vermicompost at Home


Step :1 Worms should be placed in the bins:

Opening the lid of the container and slowly placing the worms inside the container by making a gap into it. We shouldn’t place the worm on the top because the worms will feel comfortable. Make Vermicompost at Home

Step:2 Add food for every worm each day:

Food for worms means the kitchen garbage, what we throw away can be food for the worms.

Step :3 Process of vermicomposting must be checked after 6months:

The container must be checked every day. Bedding will convert into compost then it is time for the harvest. Then we should place new bedding with moisture in it. When we will excavate the soil, we must depart the worms in the container.

All we need is little patience, in organic farming. In very little money we can make the vermicompost at home without any complications. Just we have to know the correct process about it. And our vermicompost is ready .