Watermelon Lovers Beware! 5 Common Side Effects of Watermelon that will Shock You

Sinking your teeth in an exceedingly cool, juicy, red piece of watermelon could be a heavenly delight throughout a hot summer afternoon. Throughout summer, we tend to all like to eat melons. However, amidst the hot heat, we tend to forget to place a limit to what proportion watermelon we tend to should eat. Also, it’s necessary to eat it at the correct time.

You may have detected and skim tons regarding the health advantages of watermelon, however does one comprehend its aspect effects? Affirmative, watermelon will manufacture aspect effects, if you eat an excessive amount of and if you eat it at the incorrect time.

Summers are here and then is that the have to be compelled to fuel ourselves with a lot of cooling foods; and also the best thing to do that is by having one in every of the foremost hydrating and cooling foods of the season – watermelon. This delicious fruit has concerning ninety two proportion water and belongs to the dicot family, that has different members like pumpkin, squash and cucumber among others.


Watermelon is exclusive because it is taken into account each a fruit and a vegetable. It not simply tastes tremendous, however conjointly has various health and sweetness advantages to supply. it’s fat free and is a superb supply of vitamins A, B6 and C, contains metallic element and useful plant chemicals like carotenoid and aminoalkanoic acid. Fineness lovers, ar you listening? The fibre content in watermelon makes it an incredible fruit for weight loss. This red fleshed fruit is  thought for all the nice things, however what goes wrong with intense it in giant amounts? Consuming an excessive amount of watermelon is alleged to ow several side-effects.

You detected us! Despite its marvellous advantages, feeding watermelon in profusion will really cause damage to your body. Here ar some aspect effects of feeding watermelon in profusion.

So come let’s discuss some of the 5 common side effects of the fruit watermelon –


  1. Watermelon will cause symptom and alternative organic process troubles.

Watermelon could be a splendid supply of dietary fiber and water. But, if you eat an excessive amount of watermelon, it will cause bloating, gas, flatulence, diarrhea, and alternative such abdomen troubles. This can be majorly thanks to the presence of sorbitol, that could be a sugar compound, and carotenoid, which provides the fruit its bright red colour. each substances promote gas issues and loose stools.

  1. Watermelon will increase blood glucose level.

Diabetics an should not eat excessive amount of watermelon, because it will raise blood glucose levels thanks to high glycaemic index – seventy two. If you’re diabetic, please consult a doctor before you eat watermelon daily.

  1. Watermelon will increase risk of liver inflammation.

Do you drink alcohol daily? If affirmative, you need to not eat an excessive amount of of watermelon. Carotenoid during this fruit will react with alcohol, increasing the possibilities of liver inflammation.

If we glance at the attitude of health, it’s higher to eat watermelon than consume alcohol. So, why not stop having alcohol everyday and begin ingestion a couple of items of watermelon?

  1. Watermelon will cause water intoxication.

Water intoxication, referred to as additionally over association, happens once the body options excess level of water. This could cause loss of Iron (Fe) from the body. Watermelon is formed of quite ninety fifth water. So, if you’re already having 2-3 litres of fluids each day, you need to not eat Watermelon a lot of. Otherwise you could balance the fluid intake by drinking less fluid the day you have got an additional piece of watermelon.

However, doctor advise against the intake of an excessive amount of watermelon daily, because it will result in over hydration. Summers ar hot different people and folks} naturally drink water and other fluids in giant amounts. So, there’s a risk of over association.

If the surplus water isn’t off from the body, it will increase volume of blood. This, in turn, will cause exhaustion, swelling in legs, weak kidneys, and different such issues.

  1. Watermelon troubles will cause huge trouble.

Watermelon contains K in great amount. It is beneficial for maintaining solution operate in our body, for keeping muscles and bones sturdy, and for keeping heart healthy. However, if you eat too several items of watermelon daily, you’ll offer your body associate way over K, which may result in weak vital sign, irregular heartbeats, and

Watermelon Lovers Beware! 5 Common Side Effects of Watermelon that will Shock You

Different Such Issues

Overeating watermelon could gift you with some unforeseen facet effects. However, some facet effects you will have detected are utterly groundless. Some dubious sources claim that eating too much watermelon is like committing a sin that could result in heart issues and overhydration. Neither claim is backed by science or probably to occur.

What’s additional, dubious claims are created alleging that watermelon’s K content could cause symptoms. This condition is characterized by a slow pulse rate, low pressure, muscle weakness, associate degreed an irregular heartbeat.

Yet, you’d have to be compelled to eat an entire watermelon to exceed the suggested quantity of K you ought to consume per day. Even so, analysis agrees that in folks while not nephrosis, your body adapts and excretes excess K through excreta.

Nevertheless, folks with coronary failure, nephrosis, Nevertheless, folks with coronary sort one polygenic disorder, adrenal insufficiency, and disease could K disorder, have a tough time managing excess K.

Others have created the – risks claims of associate degree concerning over hydration imbalance of fluids that will dilute electrolytes in your blood – since watermelons comprise ninety-two water. However, there’s no analysis to back this claim.

Watermelon Lovers Beware! 5 Common Side Effects of Watermelon that will Shock You

I hope this article might have helped you to gain some knowledge about the side effects which are caused by eating too much watermelon now as you are aware of the side effects of consuming too much watermelon make sure that you do not overeat watermelon next time you are having it.